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Hiring developers for your company undoubtedly involves making some of the most important decisions you’ll reach for your organisation. Aside from potentially producing poor work, the wrong person shaping your code can do untold damage to your product and the development culture of a team.

The right developer on the other hand can start you off on the correct footing, pivot any incorrect tech choices, network to pull in more skilled coders and motivate them to do their best work.

One of the most common causes of death among startups is people. The wrong hire can do untold damage to your product, culture and sanity. The right one can suddenly make everything work. Here’s how we avoided death by people over the last three years.

The vision for MyDeveloper is to remain an exclusive IT Recruitment company for selected companies and quality candidates. By not chasing every company or job spec, every CV, MyDeveloper can concentrate on the job orders they have, and give it, and their client, dedicated attention.

Although we work with all IT talent and IT related job orders, we specialise in Web Developers & Designers, Application & Mobile Developers, Business Intelligence Consultants & Digital Specialists.

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